thekyliebee’s First Annual Giveaway! [NOW CLOSED]

As I mentioned in my 29th birthday blog post, I can’t help but come into this last year of my twenties so incredibly grateful. Grateful for the people around me at every stage in life, the experiences and opportunities, and the lessons. Oh the lessons. This past decade was truly a wild ride, more like a ride on Kingda Ka really. 
As I entered into my early twenties, I started to give up on creativity in many areas of my life; not on purpose, it just kinda happened that way. I grew up in dance class and choir, but that all eventually came to a halt when I went to college. There were many other valuable experiences and people during that part of my life that made an impact on me, but my point is that I lost that creative part of myself during that time. These past couple of years I have been diligent about bringing creativity back into my life for the simple reason that it brings me joy. This blog is part of that journey for me and I will never look back. So thank you for following and supporting me on this journey. 
My birthday a year ago marks the day I decided to press publish and announce this creative venture. As a THANK YOU for following my blog over the past year and supporting this creative journey as I try to share what I love with the world and passionately pursue a plastic-free planet, I’M HOSTING A GIVEAWAY. Basically, all of my favorite things over the past year for you as a thank you. I am so incredibly thankful for everyone’s support through this journey. In fact, I want to start a tradition. Every year around my birthday, I am going to host a giveaway with my annual favorites from the previous year. So keep reading for this year’s giveaway.
I couldn’t think of a better way to share many of the items I reviewed in my blog posts over the previous year and give a preview for what will be reviewed in the coming year. I wish I could send everyone a giant box with all of these goodies inside, but I might end up having to cut up my credit card if I do that haha… instead I thought that giving everyone a chance to enter into a giveaway of my favorite things was the best way to go about this! 
To enter this year’s giveaway, all you have to do is:– Follow @thekyliebee on instagram.– Tag one friend in the comments of the instagram giveaway announcement post. (Each tag in a separate comment is an extra entry.)
Giveaway is open to U.S. residents only for shipping purposes.
This giveaway will run from February 9th through February 15th at midnight. One person will be selected as the winner. The winner will be announced on February 16th.
So what is in the giveaway??

Who Gives a Crap Toilet Paper and Paper Towels Not only does this company use recycled paper and bamboo to help cut back on the amount of virgin trees cut down for every day toilet paper, they also make sure I never run out of TP with their awesome subscription options. Why should you consider being more conscious about what kind of toilet paper you buy? CLICK HERE.Also, about paper towels?? CLICK HERE.

Soy Wax CandleThis particular brand not only checks off all the boxes when it comes to a good quality candle, it’s sold at our local King Soopers grocery store!I don’t have a blog post to send you to about soy candles… yet. Stay tuned.

Eco Coco Nut Dish Brush AND a castile soap block Do you know the facts about how disgusting a common plastic sponge can be? It’s disgusting, as in millions of germs crawling on your sponge. AND it’s plastic. Ain’t nobody got time for that!I’ve tried several eco friendly dish brushes since I’ve decided to start switching our home to as plastic-free as possible and this one is my favorite so far. It’s durable and, even though it seems extremely stiff when you first use it (like it might ruin your pan), it won’t damage your dishes with it’s abrasiveness and it cleans wonderfully. 
Castile soap blocks  – I mean, do you see ANY plastic associated with that dish soap?? Yep, it had me at “long-lasting” and “no plastic”.Again, no blog posts to point you to for both of these great products… yet.
P.S. if you are in the Denver area, you can get both of these at our local Zero Market store located at the Stanley Marketplace, now at their new location in the Edgewater Public Market, or online at https://www.thezeromarket.com/collections/household.

Give a Sh!t Compostable Dog Poop BagsI’ve said it before in my blog post, but why do we put something like dog poop that is supposed to decompose in plastic bags that will never decompose?? To see my full review of this product and why it’s my favorite, CLICK HERE.Use code “KYLIEBEE10” for 10% off when you order off of their website www.giveasht.com

Good Days Start with Gratitude Journal and Why Do We Need Bees BookWe love books in our house. We are currently on a mission to read 1,000 different books before Lila goes to Kindergarten in the fall… wow! Already Kindergarten?! Ufta! Anyways, Lila wanted to contribute to the giveaway and she chose a book about bees… how freaking fitting!!! I love this book so much! It’s easy to understand for kids and entertaining for adults. We need bees more than we know so let’s learn more about them, spread the word, and protect the bees!The gratitude journal that I decided to share has been a part of my morning routine for a while now. I read somewhere that starting your day by writing down three things that you are grateful for can have an impact on how you approach your whole day so I thought I’d give it a go. Not that I don’t have bad days sometimes… I’m human! But I can look at this journal and know that I am giving every day my best shot. I hope that this journal can do the same for you. 

Loli BeautyI’ve decided to include a couple of my favorite self care items in this giveaway, from left to right: Coconut Oil, Pank Plum Elixir Oil, and Lavender Essential Oil. These bottles are the mini versions and perfect for travel or for just trying out the brand. So what do I love about this brand?? This brand is zero waste and since I struggle with cystic acne, this combo has DONE WONDERS! 

Click here to see my youtube video for how I incorporate the Pank Plum Elixir into my nighttime routine. The lavender essential oils is a relatively new addition to my face care routine so that won’t be included in this video, just fyi.

Skoy Swedish Sponge ClothsThese are AMAZING!!! Enough said. To find out why I love these so much > CLICK HERE.P.S. I suggest using an upright napkin holder to store these after you start to use them. They don’t dry flat which makes them a little difficult for storage; but using a napkin holder has worked perfectly.

Raw Elements Facial SunscreenA holy grail product. No joke. It’s safe for all ages, non nano, reef safe, non gmo, leaping bunny certified, natural products association certified AND they donate 1% of their profits to nonprofits that are working to preserve and protect the environment. What else can I say about this that isn’t on the label?? #transparencyThis blog post is coming very soon!! Especially with summer around the corner. Stay tuned.
Until then, click here to check out my GRWM video using this product in my daily makeup routine.

untitled image

Hydroflask and a reusable silicone cup… with a local twist. If you have been following thekyliebee on instagram for anytime at all, you might know that I have a hydro-family, we are big fans. You might also know how much I talk about the importance of supporting local businesses. Hence Dry Dock Brewing Co engraved on the backside of this awesome hydro. Big fan of Hydroflask. Big fan of Dry Dock. Win win!Same idea for the reusable silicone cup from another favorite local brewery in Parker, CO – Downhill Brewing. I love that while you are sipping on your evening brew after a long day of work you can look at this cup and be reminded that whatever you are facing in life – YOU GOT THIS!
To check out WHY it’s so important to support the people and businesses around you by consciously choosing where to buy your products > CLICK HERE.

Just as a reminder, to enter this year’s giveaway, all you have to do is:– Follow @thekyliebee on instagram.– Tag one friend in the comments of the instagram giveaway announcement post. (Each tag in a separate comment is an entry.)
Giveaway is open to U.S. residents only for shipping purposes.
This giveaway will run from February 9th through February 15th at midnight. One person will be selected as the winner. The winner will be announced on February 16th.

So there you have it folks – thekyliebee’s favorite things from 2019. I had so much fun preparing this box to give away, I am TOTALLY doing this again next year, and the year after that, and the year after that. And maybe even as a surprise mid year too – we’ll see! 🙂 It’s so much fun for me to share these products with you all and tell you about why choosing these types of products over their plastic counterparts is making a difference in our environment. Don’t forget that you can purchase all of these products with the links provided below each product I mentioned above, with exception to the Dry Dock Hydro since you’ll have to go visit the brewery to get yourself one of those gems.

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So what can you look forward to in this next year from thekyliebee blog?
I am coming into this second year of blogging with so much more motivation, passion, and vision than I did last year. I’m not saying I didn’t have all of those driving forces last year, I was mainly busy building the confidence to put myself out there online. This year is for more growth and exploration. I have such a passion for my family, our adventures, and the environment that I want to share and more importantly encourage others through my research and exploration that we can all make a difference in this world. 
Your opinion and choices matter. Never doubt that. 
So to sum it up without giving too much away yet, thekyliebee is digging deeper. Deeper into standing up for the environment by continuing to explore eco friendly products, deeper into supporting the people and local businesses around me, and deeply loving the adventures that my family embarks on. I fully realize that you are making an investment in me by subscribing to my blog and coming along for the ride. I do not take that for granted and I am so incredibly grateful for your support. 
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
If you are new to thekyliebee blog and would like to subscribe > CLICK HERE.
So here is to another year of exploring what’s good. Good for me, good for you, good for us.
Until next time, 
Kylie Bee

*Disclaimer – I purchased all of these items myself. This is not an ad for any of the products mentioned and included in this giveaway or in the blog posts that mention these products.


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