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thekyliebee Diaries: February 2021

It seems like February just flew right by, didn’t it?! There were a lot of fun things that happened in February which is probably why it felt like it whizzed by so quickly. I have to say though, as much fun as I had last month, I am starting to hear the birds singing regardless of if it rains or snows meaning Spring is upon us and I’m so excited!!!

With that being said, it’s hard to summarize the past month in just a few bullet points, so definitely check out my Instagram @thekyliebee to stay in touch daily, but otherwise, keep reading below for some of the highlights:

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Alrighty! I officially have a FAQ post on the blog now! I’ll probably add it to my website as a page too so that it’s easy to access, but I just haven’t gotten around to it yet. Also, as life changes, I’m sure the types of questions and answers to some questions will evolve a bit, so I’ll try to update the FAQs yearly. Anywho, this post was really fun to write and a bit outside of my norm… so check it out HERE if you haven’t already done so!

Find out things like… What do I do? Where does the “Bee” in Kylie Bee come from? Or What is my mission with this blog? To read the post, click HERE.

We took Lila skiing!

We took Lila skiing for the first time last February. She loved it and we were looking forward to taking her up on the slopes again in the weeks that followed, but then COVID happened and the rest is history.

Well, just this past weekend, we were able to take Lila up to Winter Park to go skiing for her second time ever. She was confident and a little nervous all at the same time, but after a few runs under her belt, it almost looked like Bryan was trying to keep up with her! She was all smiles as she passed Kiana and I on her way to the lift each time. We look forward to taking her again and again and again and again.

Girl Scout Cookie Weekend

Since starting Kindergarten this year, we have reached a new phase of parenthood… afterschool activities. Lila was always involved in things outside of school while she was in daycare, but these just feel more official. I don’t know, that seems kind of silly to say, but they do.

Out of several activities Lila is now a part of, Girl Scouts is one of them. This is her first year as a Girls Scout and she loves it. Many of the girls are in her class at school too so you can just see the friendships grow as time goes on.

By now I’m sure you’ve thought about it as soon as I mentioned “Girl Scouts” and yep, you guessed it. This was Lila’s first year selling Girl Scout Cookies!! Also, my first year as a Girl Scout mom selling Girl Scout cookies… what a whirlwind! Fortunately, we were able to post up outside of daddy’s work on a rare but beautiful February weekend and sold the patrons all they could eat of Thin Mints, Samoas, Tagalongs, and all of the other goodies.

It was a good time and Lila was able to practice her selling and customer service skills while raising money for her troop to do fun things over the summer. It was a good weekend and thank you to all who either bought cookies or donated boxes online and at the booth. We really appreciate it and you!

Chimney cakes

Bryan and I are foodies through and through. When I heard there was a bakery in Winter Park that was selling these delicious sounding “Chimney Cakes”, we had to go check them out. Also, anything that can take me back to my travels in Europe, I am all for. #nostalgia

The shop was adorable, it was so neat to watch the chimney cakes being made, and finally to learn that they are from traditional Czech and Hungarian recipes just added to the whole experience. I’m not sure how traditional the fillings were, regardless, they were DELICIOUS and I highly recommend them. If you are in the Winter Park area or are passing through, check out Rollin’ Street Bakery while you’re in town.

I updated my website again

I mentioned this in my January diaries, but I once again updated some aspects of my website. If you have any questions about brand partnerships or even how to subscribe to the blog, click HERE to go to the homepage of the website and use the menu at the top to explore.

While February had a lot of fun moments, I have to say I am excited to move on to March. Why? Because I’m a summer girl and with the first day of spring being in March, we are that much closer to warmer temps and flowers blooming in the garden.

I hope you all had a great month of February and that March has beautiful things in store for you.

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Until next time,

Kylie Bee

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