Ohhh hello lovelies!

This life has taken me to the most beautiful places and has given me experiences that I could only dream of – I am in love and so grateful.

So a little bit about me…

I grew up in the mountains of gorgeous Colorado and when it was time to spread my wings I moved to the city to study Music Business for three years, but then later earned a BA in Public Health.

Random things about me – I worked in Type 1 Diabetes research for 3 years, I now work in Cardiology, I started skiing when I was three, I practice yoga, I grew up riding horses and raising lambs for 4-H, I’ve competed in two bodybuilding competitions, I’ve made wine with my husband from our garden grapes, my first car in high school was a 1979 CJ5 Jeep, I could spend hours in Sephora, my family still watches Survivor every Wednesday when it’s on, my dad has snowmobiles from the late 70’s that we all rip around on during the holidays, I am fascinated and terrified of sharks at the same time, I have owned a fish for twelve years – his name is Norbert, I LOVE traveling to other countries, I would love to learn French someday, Moana or Frozen are on repeat in my house most days, I will only adopt or rescue any future furry friends, creative writing was my favorite class in high school, and I love the beer industry! 

… and I enjoy long walks on the beach. Haha. But seriously though, I do. #happyplace

So as you can tell, I have a variety of different interests and experiences under my belt so why sustainability??​

In 2017 when I was working in Diabetes research, my coworkers who were much further down the sustainability journey than I was at the time, introduced me to the idea and it’s impact on the environment. Those three years with my coworkers at the BDC were full of so much personal growth in the area of sustainability as I learned more and more about plastic pollution, social injustices, and how we can make a difference by incorporating conscious sustainable choices in our daily lives. A passion was born and I haven’t looked back since.

Basically, I like to tell everyone that before 2017 I couldn’t keep a plant alive even if I tried. Now, our house and property are full of thriving plants and flowers that continue to grow and teach us more every year. I don’t know as much about sustainability as some, but you can bet I will always be learning and sharing what I learn so that we can all be more environmentally conscious citizens of this world.  Because of that, I have decided to pursue a MBA in Sustainability through Bard College to learn how I can get into the belly of the beast and help start to change the way we all do business by thinking more impact driven instead of solely profit driven. 

​Thank you for joining me on this journey.

​I can’t wait to see where this life will take me and my family next.

Until next time,