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5 MORE Sustainable Brands You Should Be Following

I LOVE highlighting companies and businesses that are shaking up the way we live to help us live as more sustainable citizens. It is hard in modern society to make sustainability mainstream because many times people think that living a more eco-conscious lifestyle will be _____ you fill in the blank. People think it can be too “expensive”, too “hard”, too “inconvenient”, or people think “I don’t have time” to incorporate more sustainable practices into their daily lives.

Fortunately, there are companies and individuals across the world that have made it their mission to bring sustainability to the masses and make it clear that living sustainably can be a more enjoyable and rewarding way to live without being too expensive, hard, or inconvenient.

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Otherwise, keep reading for 5 MORE sustainable brands you should be following as you embark or continue building your sustainable lifestyle:

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Reveal – Avocado Seed Brew

Insta: @drinkreveal

It’s common knowledge that avocados have many health benefits, but what about the part of the avocado that you normally would throw away? Sheetal and Zuri, founders of the Reveal beverage line, have developed a beverage that delivers an incredible amount of health benefits by using the pit of an avocado. After three years of learning and experimenting, they turned their idea into a business. I know we can expect to see so many wonderful things from this company in the future.

The highlights:

  • This female and minority owned business was founded with sustainability in mind. It is clear that both Sheetal and Zuri take every step of the process into consideration when it comes to sustainability, most importantly the ingredients used in their beverages. The packaging and glass jars are all reusable and recyclable too, definitely a sustainability bonus.
  • The pit of the avocado has an immense amount of health benefits and the founders of Reveal – Avocado Seed Brew have figured out how to access and deliver those benefits to consumers through a super tasty beverage. Why is this awesome?? This company has figured out how to reduce food waste by using upcycled avocado pits!
  • If you aren’t a fan of beverages like kombucha, this Avocado Seed Brew delivers many health benefits without the fermented taste. Healthy does taste good!

This company is all about finding and delivering information on the “hidden gems” as they say on their Reveal website. I can’t wait to see what these women produce next!

Follow Sheetal and Zuri on Instagram to continue to learn more about important health benefits from foods you may consider waste and start drinking their Avocado Seed Brew by purchasing this beverage online, click HERE.

Well Earth Goods (ad)

Insta: @wellearthgoods

I mentioned in my previous blog post how much I LOVE one-stop zero waste shops. These shops are a great opportunity to explore eco-friendly products that can replace conventional items you have at home. Well Earth Goods is one of those stores! If you do not have a brick-and-mortar zero waste shop in your area, consider shopping at an online zero waste shop like Well Earth Goods.

The highlights:

  • Based out of the Pacific Northwest in Oregon, this family is dedicated to bringing sustainable and quality products to consumers. It’s clear that the source of a product and it’s quality are at the forefront of what they choose to feature in their shop. Basically, you can shop with confidence even if you have never tried one of the eco-friendly products on the site before.
  • There is nothing more annoying when you purchase an eco-friendly product and it arrives in a plastic mailer at your doorstep. This will not happen when you shop through Well Earth Goods. You can check out their shipping policy and practices HERE, but I can verify that the packaging is zero-waste with the orders that I have received from this store.
  • Not only does Well Earth Goods provide a wide range of eco-friendly products, they are dedicated to educating the consumer about living a plastic-free life. By clicking HERE, Well Earth Goods teaches you about why it’s important to live plastic-free, how you can avoid plastic use in your daily life, and how to go further by helping repair damage that has already been done to our ecosystem through plastic use.

The founders, Lee and Jocelyn, are changing the world one eco-friendly purchase at a time and they really try to make it feel personal, like maybe little ole me could actually make a difference. Because guess what? You do! As consumers, we can shift the market and encourage all companies to think about their impact on the environment by putting our dollars towards purchasing eco-friendly products. Shopping at Well Earth Goods is an excellent option if you don’t have a local zero waste shop in your area.

Check out their online shop HERE.

Give A Sh!t Eco Products

Insta: @giveashit_ecoproducts

If the name of this company alone doesn’t make you automatically want to get behind their cause, then the products will. One of the first eco-friendly switches my family made was to start using compostable dog poop bags. I had the realization one day, “Why am I putting something that is supposed to decompose (dog poop) into something that can take up to 1,000 years to decompose (plastic bag)?” When I started diving into compostable dog poop bags, I discovered Give A Shit and have not looked back since. Their mission and the products are definitely worth getting behind.

The highlights:

  • Give A Shit takes all of the materials they use into consideration. Everything used is either compostable, biodegradable, or recyclable. They call this their “back to nature promise”. If you want to learn more about this, check out my full review of these dog poop bags HERE.
  • One of my favorite things when purchasing a product is knowing that my money will go further than just into the company’s pockets. Give A Shit donates 10% of their profits to the Soi Dog Foundation in Asia. If you don’t already follow the Soi Dog Foundation on instagram, you can HERE. They are doing immeasurable good for the dogs and cats of Asia that need it most.
  • Speaking from experience, the team at Give A Shit really does give a shit. Not only do they produce a superior compostable everyday product, they are diligent about engaging with their community. To get your daily dose of pup cuteness, check out all of their featured fans by going to their Instagram HERE or check them out on the website HERE.

This company is dedicated to making the world a better place by putting every day eco-friendly products in the hands of consumers. Before you question if switching to a compostable dog poop bag is actually worth it, let me ask you this question, “dog poop is supposed to decompose, so why are you wrapping it in a plastic bag that will be around until after you die?” Let that sh*t decompose!

Get 10% off of your order of Give a Shit Eco Friendly Dog Poop Bags > use “KYLIEBEE10”. You can purchase these dog poop bags at

False Ego Eco-Friendly Apparel

Insta: @false_eg0

If you are looking for a brand that is making waves in the sustainability space, particularly in the fashion sector, False Ego is it! According to their website, did you know that “fashion is the second leading polluter in the world behind gas and oil.”? False Ego has made it their mission to show consumers that there are more eco-friendly options out there when it comes to our clothing. Sustainability is at the forefront of their operation from the material to shipping to disposal, the entire lifecycle is considered when it comes to environmental impact.

The highlights:

  • When you buy from False Ego, you can expect nothing less than quality products and you can feel good about what you are buying. Straight from their website, “We use 100% certified organic materials. This means that soil fertility is maintained, toxic pesticides aren’t used, and biologically diverse agriculture is grown.”
  • Labor in the fashion industry seems to be under constant scrutiny since many times the labor used to produce apparel is an afterthought. False Ego thinks about labor differently than the mainstream. Like I mentioned above, it’s nice to know that your dollars are not just going to support the company you are purchasing from, but that your dollars are making a positive impact beyond the four walls of the store. For example, by ensuring that they know where their cotton is coming from in the San Joaquin Valley, CA, this company is able to support job creation right here in the US where American labor protection laws are some of the best in the world. To learn more about how False Ego sources other materials, click HERE.
  • Community engagement and education. Need I say more? I don’t think I do, but I will. It is clear through their mission statement and values that False Ego is here to teach and lead their local community through community engagement events and strategic partnerships around the world. Learn more HERE.

The fashion industry may seem the furthest away from making a sustainable impact on the environment, but in many ways maybe that’s where we as consumers should start. Our dollars drive the market. False Ego provides a way for us to start on the path to send the message that we care where our clothing comes from and who makes it. Let’s raise sustainability standards in the fashion industry! False Ego is one of those change-makers leading the way.

To check out the False Ego shop online, click HERE.

Zero Market

Insta: @thezeromarket

This is where it all started for me. In 2017, I went to brunch with my coworkers and we walked into this store that had all reusable and sustainable items for sale. I was intimidated and completely intrigued at the same time. Now, four years later, I have realized how fortunate I am to live in a city with a zero waste store within a 15 minute drive from my house. Living zero waste seems unattainable in the mainstream, but when you actually take the opportunity to walk into a zero waste store, suddenly the lifestyle seems completely doable. It not only seems doable, zero waste stores give you almost everything you need to do so!

Zero market is that store that will always have a sweet spot in my heart and it has been such a pleasure to watch them grow and make a positive impact in the Denver community.

The highlights:

  • At the center of Zero Market is their mission to stop trash at the source and to keep it out of landfills. Every product they feature in their shop is vetted with that value in mind, along with supporting local suppliers and taking a firm stand on social issues to make the world a better and more inclusive place.
  • Zero Market offers products for sale online as well as in store so shopping zero waste has never been easier. Along with that, when you shop at Zero Market you are supporting a local business and it just trickles down the line from there. #supportsmall #supportlocal
  • If you are starting to pick up on a theme among businesses that prioritize sustainability, they are passionate about teaching their community about the lifestyle and that each individual can make a positive impact. Zero Market is right there in the pack. Check out their Consulting page and Workshops page for more information.

While having zero waste shops available online is an incredible resource for many communities, having a zero waste shop in my own backyard has been incredibly helpful on my journey to living plastic-free and as zero waste as possible. I hold this place in such high esteem. If you live in or visit the Denver area… you HAVE to check this shop out!

To check out what products Zero Market has available online, click HERE.

And finally…

Living sustainably can be SO much more rewarding and energizing than living what society dubs as “normal”. These companies I mention above are just but a few of the many that are working hard to change the idea of what it means to live a “normal” life. We are all one planet connected globally and as cliché as it is, there is no Planet B. We need to do our best to cherish and respect the planet that we have been given to play on and these companies are making it easy for people to convert to a more sustainable way of living.

YOU have an impact. YOU have an impact and your dollars will drive the market.

For more sustainability resources, check out my resource list HERE. You can find everything from books for young and old, influencers to follow, zero waste shops to support, and so much more. The list is ever evolving, so keep checking back for more resources.

I hope this post helped to give you some more resources to pull from on your plastic-free journey. Living plastic-free and more eco-conscious is hard to do in modern society and it’s always a work in progress, so be patient and soak up any information you can. Anyways, I hope this post helped you and stay tuned for more like this in the future.

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Until next time,

Kylie Bee

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