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10 Sustainable Products for Mama Self Care at Home

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As a mom, or a parent in general really, it’s easy to forget about your own needs and self care tends to fall to the bottom of the to do list. Although, I think there are cultural influences on social media that encourage more of a focus on self care which can have positive ripple effects throughout our lives and the lives of those around us. As Karamo makes clear to his viewers on Queer Eye, “You can’t take care of anyone else effectively unless you take care of yourself first.” Mama, as hard as that is to admit, we all know it’s true. When Lila and Levi grow up and leave the nest, I want them to value their self care and put their well being towards the top of their priority list. So why do I let them see me give and give of myself until I’m so stressed out that I can hardly function? What we model for our kids is what they will put into practice later in life. Taking care of ourselves as parents and knowing when to do so is essential to giving children what they need as they grow.

In the spirit of self care, I put together a list of some of my favorite products that I use when I take a step back to remember that my health is also a priority. With that being said though, I don’t want my self care to come at the expense of the health of the environment. Consumerism as a whole and the products that we mindlessly buy on a daily basis contribute to the plastic pollution crisis. Self care can still be achieved when we can consider who crafted the product, where the materials were sourced from, and what the end of life looks like for the product. For example, are the people making the product employed by companies that practice fair labor laws and living wages? Or were the materials sourced from an area that practices regenerative agriculture? Thinking about the entire lifecycle of a product and who it affects should always be a part of our thought process before we purchase an item. 

Of course, the most sustainable option is to use whatever you have at home already before purchasing new products. However, if you are in need of replenishment, check out these products below:

Let’s dive in…

  1. Kapa Nui nail polish – straight from the Kapa Nui website, “Our uniquely crafted family of products is truly non-toxic to our bodies and non-damaging to our environment. This High Performing, toxin-free, water-based polish is safe for pregnant women, children, and people with cancer. Made in Hawaii with Aloha!”. They offer many different colors, but my current favorite is ‘Olili.
  1. Hair mask – every now and then our hair needs some extra attention beyond the daily routine. All of the products from this brand are made with sustainability and quality in mind. I highly recommend incorporating their hair oil into your daily routine also!
  1. Body scrub – the main thing to watch out for in a body scrub is that it doesn’t contain microbeads. Learn more about microbeads HERE
  1. Pajamas or Robe – Bryan got me a Coyouchi robe for our anniversary a couple of years ago and the quality is AHHmazing. I really didn’t think I needed a robe until this one showed up and I haven’t looked back. 
  1. Face mask – there are so many face masks on the market that you can choose based on what your skin care needs on any given day; however, sometimes the best ingredients are right in your kitchen. Check out this honey face mask guide by Alicia Erickson for a few recipes on nourishing DIY face masks.
  1. Bath salts – the day that I can sink into my tub and take a proper bath at the end of a long day is a day I dream of. I know that dream will come true one day, but until then, I will continue to plan out how I can enjoy every minute of the bath that I will have in the future. Bath salts and bath bombs have become very popular addtions to this wind-down ritual, however, not all brands create a product with their customers and the environment in mind. This set is an exception and is definitely one I have had my eye on, click HERE to check it out.
  1. Candle and eco friendly book – when it comes to candles, think soy wax. These Hygge Growing Candles embrace sustainability every step of the way; after you burn the wax, you take the leftover wax out to create a small pot. After that, you take the label made of seed paper and use your new small pot to grow wildflowers! How cool is that?! And for a book, my current favorite is Life Without Plastic by Chantal Plamondon and Jay Sinha. 
  1. Vionic slippers – when the pandemic started, like many others around the world, I began working from home. After about two weeks of walking around the house barefoot, my knees started to ache and my feet hurt more than usual. I realized it was because I was no longer receiving the daily arch support that my work shoes gave to me. Knowing that and because I wasn’t about to wear my work shoes at home, I started to look into slippers that had sufficient arch support. That’s when I found Vionic slippers. Not only is this company making incredible slippers that last forever, the company itself makes sustainability their mission, as well.
  1. Matrescence skin care – nourishing our bodies with the moisture it needs on a daily basis is essential, especially for mamas after they have had a baby. Our bodies slowly go back into place after birth and adding the proper moisture helps our skin with that process. The quality of the product itself is worth every penny, but their initiatives towards sustainability make me want to keep coming back and supporting their mission. “[At Matrescence,] we are committed to keeping Mama Earth happy and healthy by using recyclable glass bottles, no paper labels and minimal, eco-friendly packaging.”
  1. The Lovely Loba Lotion Ball – most people are used to buying lotion in a standard plastic bottle. Although most of us have our favorite formulas, this lotion ball packs a hydration punch worth celebrating without the plastic bottle. They also make great gifts! 

And that’s a wrap…

In the words of Jane Travis, “the relationship with yourself sets the tone for every other relationship you have.” So mama. Stop pushing your self care to the bottom of your to do list and start scheduling time for YOU to nurture your body and relax your mind. It’s important that our children see that loving ourselves is essential to finding a future filled of healthy relationships with others. Tell me some of your favorite self care products in the comments below! 

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Until next time, 


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