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10 Sustainable Items for $10 or Less

Do you tend to think that living sustainably is expensive, less convenient, takes too much time, or ________ you fill in the blank, than the way you’re living now or the way mainstream society says we are supposed to be living?

Don’t worry, you are not alone if you think that!

I want to challenge you though because what if instead you thought of it this way:

If you think about living a sustainable lifestyle as an investment instead of a one-time deal, the price point is not that influential when you consider how many times you will actually use the product. After all, one of the goals of living sustainably is to reduce having to purchase excess because you are able to reuse what you already have on hand.

With that being said, if you are considering incorporating living more sustainably in your daily life, I made it my mission to find ten products that were $10 or less! It was a lot of fun scouring the internet and diving into my memory bank to find products… the problem was, I had a hard time keeping it to ten items! I’ll write another post like this in the future to incorporate more items that you can start to integrate into your daily life, but until then check out the products I listed below.

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1. Zero Waste Cotton Swabs (ad)

Most conventional cotton swabs have plastic rods between the cotton buds and tend to break quicker forcing you to go through more cotton swabs to get the job done. Cotton Swabs made with bamboo rods such as these are more durable than conventional cotton swabs and are made of a sustainable material.

Get yours HERE.

2. Muslin Organic Reusable Produce Bags (ad)

The description says “produce bags”, but I have used these for so many things when I’m out and about or just around the house. I have used these for everything from holding dry dog food for a short weekend trip to holding toys for Lila to play with in the car. I definitely use these to hold produce when I’m at the store also so I don’t have to use the plastic baggies they supply. The plastic baggies tend to be thrown away immediately when I get home, so cutting that plastic out of my routine was simple. These Muslin bags are so versatile!

Get yours HERE.

3. Stainless Steel Straw in an Organic Cotton Sleeve with Cleaning Brush (ad)

Save the turtles! One of the easiest ways to reduce single-use plastic in your daily life is to cut out the plastic straw. BUT! You don’t have to get rid of the straw altogether, just switch to a reusable stainless steel straw. This particular brand is one of the best options because it comes with a cotton sleeve to keep the straw clean before you use it and to keep your bag clean after you use it. I just wipe the straw off with a napkin after use, put it in the cotton sleeve back in my purse, and then wash it in the dishwasher when I get home. There are a lot of options for reusable straws out there. Stainless steel is my favorite. I don’t have to worry about it breaking (like glass) and I can put it in the dishwasher (unlike bamboo or hay straws). This is by far one of the best and most simple sustainable switches anyone can make in their daily life.

Get yours HERE.

4. Organic Cotton Bulk Bag with flat bottom and double bag (ad)

These are incredible! I mentioned that I use Muslin bags for everything under the sun including holding bulk items at the store, but those don’t always hold smaller or finer items like flour, sugar, etc. These bulk bags with a double bag are PERFECT for solving that issue!!! They have a flat bottom so you can store the bag upright and you don’t have to worry about flour spilling everywhere. The double bag ensures that whatever you put in the bag will not spill out. These are a grocery shopping must have.

Get yours HERE.

5. Cellulose Plastic Free Tape (ad)

Plastic tape is one of those things that no one thinks about when considering their plastic use. It’s a small item that gets the job done and it works. I mean if you want to make sure a package stays closed on it’s way to the destination, plastic tape will get it done. What about considering Cellulose Plastic Free Tape that does EXACTLY the same thing? By using natural rubber adhesive to hold items together, this plastic free tape also gets the job done and doesn’t leave small sheets of plastic in the environment. Just think about all of the tape you have used over your lifetime for a second. Now think about how it’s most likely still out there… that could be a lot of plastic tape! This Cellulose Plastic Free Tape is a great alternative.

Get yours HERE.

6. Reusable Facial Rounds from Stellita’s Stitches

Disposable cotton balls and pads create a lot of waste similar to plastic baggies and straws. An easy way to reduce waste and save money is to purchase at least one set of reusable facial rounds. These facial rounds from Stellita’s Stitches are perfect for making the swap. When I’m done using one, I can simply put it in the wash and use it again! I have saved so much money because I don’t buy disposable cotton balls or cotton pads. Also, when you buy from Stellita’s Stitches, you are supporting a small business.

Click HERE to send Stellita’s Stitches a DM on Instagram with your order.

7. Seed Cards (Single)

Even though sending cards through snail mail has seemed to die down a bit, everyone still loves to receive a card for at the very least special occasions. These seed cards are like a card and gift in one! Not only can you write your note to that special someone, they can plant this card and flowers will begin to sprout! The type of flower depends on the type of card and what the store has in stock.

Get yours HERE.

8. Lip Gloss Tube (Juniperseed)

Whether you are not into wearing lipstick or you don’t have time to apply more than just chapstick, this lip gloss tube is perfect for anyone looking to add a little color and moisture to their lips. Several beauty brands provide a product such as this, but most of the time they come in a plastic tube that can’t be recycled. This lip gloss tube by Juniperseed comes in a compostable cardboard tube. Who doesn’t want to look fab and save the planet at the same time?!

Get yours HERE.

9. 100% Biodegradable Loose Eyeshadow

The beauty industry is one of the biggest culprits of plastic waste. Fortunately, there are several brands out there that are changing the game by offering their products in either recyclable or compostable packaging. Nudi Goods is one of those brands providing excellent products in eco-friendly packaging, they are definitely worth checking out if you’re in the mood to spruce up your beauty routine.

Get yours HERE.

10. 100% Biodegradable Lip Balm

Who else has a bag of lip balm that they have acquired over time from promotional events, baby showers, just buying extra at the store?? Just me? I didn’t think so. When you think about the amount of lip balm the world uses on a daily basis, those are a lot of small plastic tubes that will soon be entering landfills and unfortunately into the environment as plastic pollution. Similar to the Juniperseed option, this range of Biodegradable Lip Balm from Nudi Goods comes in several tints and provides a tint-free option if you just want a simple lip balm instead.

Get yours HERE.


Living sustainably can actually make life much easier when you know you always have what you need on hand and can reuse an item over and over and over again.

I hope this post helped give you some ideas to start living sustainably in your daily life. When I started on my journey to living more sustainably, I started slowly by incorporating items here and there when I saw a need for them. Some of the items I acquired quickly because they involved activities I do on a daily or weekly basis (like grocery shopping, going out to eat, or using lip balm), but others I incorporated as I ran out of the conventional items I had on hand. So basically, there is no pressure to convert your whole life to living more sustainably in one day, do it at your own pace. The important thing is that you START!

Go get ‘em tiger! 🙂

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Until next time,

Kylie Bee


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Thank you for your support.

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